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Charter By the Seat is bridging the gap between commercial and private.
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Where we started

Charter By the Seat is bridging the gap between commercial and private. We were born from the idea that having the best of both worlds is possible-we believe in providing aviation privacy with a community touch.

We have the expertise. With over twenty years in private aviation, we look forward to sharing individualized service with a broader audience. Our team is here to serve with a guaranteed smile. Consider our flight your temporary home away from home.

Choose your seat, fly with us; it’s not just the journey but the experience.

At Charter By The Seat we provide you with a little less than private and a lot more than commercial.

Our Promise To You

Our goal is to make your inflight experience something to remember. Our onboard experience is tailor-made to your needs. From anticipating drink orders to “giving you your space”, we are firm believers in providing ease to travel.

We check-in for you, screen your bag, provide in-flight entertainment, dining, and more. Our airplane mode will put you in a headspace to enjoy your trip.

our Commitment to a Greener Earth

At Charter By the Seat we are committed to meeting aviation’s long-term climate goals. By 2050 we expect to reduce emissions by at least 50%. Starting in 2021, every flight will be carbon neutral.

We are 4Air Bronze Level Carbon Neutral, which means that at Charter by the Seat we offset 100% of our travel emissions. We are committed to addressing emissions today, tomorrow and into the future.

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