oh, The Places We Go

Our destinations are inspired by you. Our passengers want the moon? Charter by the Seat will take you there. For us, no route is impossible. At Charter By the Seat we provide flights from our home base in NYC to MIA. We are expanding soon, and it’s thanks to you.

our story

Charter By the Seat is bridging the gap between commercial and private. We were born from the idea that having the best of both worlds is possible. We believe in providing aviation privacy with a community touch.

With over twenty years in private aviation, we revolutionize travel by delivering an attainable yet exclusive flying experience.

We care about you and the world around us.

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our Helping Hand

Our goal is to make your inflight experience something to remember. Our onboard experience is tailor-made to your needs. From anticipating drink orders to “giving you your space”, we are firm believers in providing ease to travel.

We check-in for you, screen your bag, provide in-flight entertainment, dining, and more.

Our airplane mode will put you in a headspace to enjoy your trip.

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our service

Customer care is our trademark. We strive to serve you before, during and after your trip. With us, you won’t have to worry about a thing, we take care of it all.

Experience the extravagance of private flight. There is never a dull moment on Charter by the Seat.

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